Gmail for PC Windows & Mac: Gmail for PC is one of the most advanced mailing applications for PC and Mac. Google developed this application with more high features. The Gmail for PC Windows PC 8 app is used by millions of people in the world, and it is a popular mailing service all around the world. Nowadays, when you hear the word email, Gmail will automatically come to your mind that it is the web-based email service of Google. Gmail for Macbook is the only mailing app that offers 1GB storage space for users to store their emails. Then the other mailing services offer only a few MB of storage space and the main aim of this application is to provide a powerful mailing service to all sorts of users with that you can able to store an enormous amount of emails on our Gmail because the app has high storage capacity.

Gmail for PC

The Gmail for Windows 8.1 app can able to bring all your official notice and the papers of pushing productivity style of yesterday from your computer age. The app has been developed with plenty of features for you, so all consider Gmail is one of the leading mailing service applications for PC and Mac. Furthermore, it is used in most businesses and organizations for their secured mailing purpose. The interface of the application is designed like web-based mailing, so you can able to open it in the browser.

What is Gmail All About?

The Gmail Mac app offers you a beautiful interface where you can able to share all your emails easily with that share some attachments through Mail. Then the app allows you to send the Zipped and the archive files by using the Gmail PC app. Because of the popularity of the application, it has better integration with other apps, so by using this, you can able to send all sorts of PDFs and documents via Gmail for Windows 7. Here you have just to make a click to pin the documents, and the supported application gets automatically open at the time. With that, you set the popup notification in the application wherever and whenever you receive the new mail.

Google Gmail for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10/11 and Mac

Gmail app is available for all sorts of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, and more. By using this feature, you can able to associate the mailing with all other devices effortlessly easily. As it is one of the best mailing apps, it has better integration with all accounts in Google. If you need to open a new account in Google Services, they consider a Gmail account as a primary thing. With that, it can also act as a key for other accounts. Then by using this, you can get a vast number of mailing services that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Gmail for PC

How to Use Gmail on PC via Browser

Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC and search for Gmail. Open the Gmail official website and start using it.

You can also click on the nine-dot icon from the Chrome Browser homepage by signing in, and select the Gmail app icon.

Download Gmail for PC Windows and Mac via BlueStacks Emulator

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your PC from its official site (

Step 2:  Then Sign up to BlueStacks with your Gmail Account.

Gmail for PC

Step 3: On the search bar, type Gmail and click to search for the app.

Step 4: You will be shown a list of apps along with the Gmail app. Click on the icon to open it.

Gmail for PC

Step 5: Now you are directed to Google Play Store, from where you can download the application by just clicking the Install button.

Step 6: Wait for the installation. Now open the Gmail app on your desktop via BlueStacks.

Features of Gmail

The salient features of Gmail PC Download are listed below.

Filters: The Gmail app has offered you the option for filterings the emails that you receive, then here you can able to set that the emails have been moved to trash automatically at the time when you receive such emails.

Keyboard shortcuts: The application is compatible with some keyboard shortcuts with that you can able to perform some operations on the app easily.

Search Options: The Gmail PC app is developed with a beautiful interface that offers some advanced search options, with that you can able to search for emails as soon as possible just by providing certain criteria of the email that you want.

Smart Reply: The app that provides you with many options where you can easily reply to your emails, but it has three quick suggestions, where you can select anyone to send a reply according to the email.

High-Storage: Gmail Mac Download is the only mailing app that offers 1GB storage space for users to store their emails. Then the other mailing services offer only a few MB of storage space.

Screenshots of Gmail for PC Windows and Mac

Gmail for PC
Gmail for PC

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