Google Chrome for PC Windows & Mac: Google Chrome for PC is one of the best browsing applications, and the main aim of the app is to provide a simple and fast internet navigation mode. The Google Chrome for Macbook app packed with more powerful features like synchronization, bookmarks, themes, extension, auto web pages, themes, and much more. The major core of the app is simple and described in a single word that is the best GUI. Then the app will offer seamless navigation modes with that customization is quite easy here. What it developed with the clean-looking interface is the plus, where you can solely focused on your work without any distraction. Here you can able to work with multiple tabs, and you can pin your favourite pages with that you can able to open them automatically whenever you visit Chrome. Then you can use the drag-and-drop support for arranging the tabs in the preferred order.

Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC

The Google Chrome for PC Windows 7 browser app integrated with a single search box and it also called Omnibox with that it lets you perform some operations on the web with that you can access some different sites. Then the auto-completion feature of the app is quite useful for all users and the feature particularly used for providing suggestions.

What is Google Chrome All About?

Google Chrome app has many enhanced functions that help you to improve your daily web browsing on your internet, and the app has an inbuilt PDF viewer. The PDF Viewer of the app that allows you to resizing, saving, printing and much more, with that you can able to customize keyword of your favourite sites and the browser has the ability to remember the previously opened tabs. The browser had many themes and used to personalize your browser look, where you have the freedom of taking screenshots, track discounts, read RSS feeds, and much more. The Google Chrome for Windows 7 has a streamlined look, and it has easy search options that it is bundled with a phishing detector, which helps you detect any websites that contained malware or phishing at any time.

Google Chrome for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

The Google Chrome Mac app developed more privacy policies, and sessions, the developers of the application have created a well-known feature called Incognito mode. The feature of the app that makes sure that the pages visited by you and the downloads done by you will not save in the browser with that the download history and all the cookies will get deleted automatically at the time when you close Incognito tab. Then from the app, you can also manually clear all the data in the browser like download history, cookies, plug-ins, cached images and the password, files, and much more.

Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC

Download Google Chrome for PC Windows and Mac

The steps to download Google Chrome on PC and Mac remains same. Just follow the steps below to download chrome.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Download Chrome button.

Step 3: A popup appears displaying the terms of service. Read it and click Accept and Install.

Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC

Step 4: Now the ChromeSetup.exe file (googlechrome.dmg file in case of Mac) downloads to your PC or Mac.

Step 5: Double click or run the file. The installer opens up and begins downloading the Chrome.

Step 6: It automatically installs once the download is complete. Now you can start using Google Chrome on PC.

Features of Google Chrome

The salient features of Google Chrome PC download are listed below

Instant Search: The Google Chrome for PC Windows 10 app has a search box in that you can able to search and navigate in the same box. At the time when you are typing for any suggestions and results will appear herewith that it will show some recent search and some visited websites.

Sync Devices: Here from one device you can able to access and open the bookmarks and tabs of other devices like Laptop, tablet, phone and more.

Less Typing: The auto-completion feature of the app is quite useful for all users, and the feature particularly used for providing suggestions. The option is used here for filling forms and just make a click on the URL and search.

Voice Search: Google Chrome for Windows 10 Browser has a unique feature that is Voice search. It may be magic for many users by using the Google voice search help you can find answers to many questions, and you can use the app without the help of a keyboard.

Translator: The application is integrated with Translated so you can able to translate your webpage into any language as you wish easily.

Numerous Tabs: Here you can able to open more tabs as much as you need, where you can quickly flip to other tabs according to the requirement.

Screenshots of Google Chrome for PC Windows and Mac

Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC
Google Chrome for PC

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