Google Play Music Desktop Player: All of us love listening to music, and even we do stream them online. When it comes to the desktop platform, then the most obvious option is to have an online player which lets you listen to your favourite tunes. Google Play Music is one such famous music streaming cum podcast application available in the Store. Although it is available as Google Play Music Web Player, there is no official release of client software for desktop support. However, there are some third-party software tools available online that have, even more, advantages than the official Google Play Music. Get the same material design experience you love on the desktop browser now with the Google Play Music Desktop Player (GPMDP). It is a cross-platform Desktop Player for Google Play Music, and you can download Google Play Music Desktop Player for any Windows, Mac, and Linux PC.

Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player

Google Play Music Desktop Player – A Complete Look

Google Play Music Desktop Player is a cross-platform standalone application that offers you all the privileges of the official online Google Music Player and even more, directly on your computer’s desktop. It is an unofficial third-party application software for Google Play Music. Google Play Music Desktop Player has included various desktop features like the media keys support, tray/indicator, taskbar media controls, and much more. You can keep track of all your tracks with the feature which isn’t available in the native version.

Being an entirely open-source application, Google Play Music Desktop Player has several new features which cannot be found in the web player. More precisely, it has customization options that aren’t available in Google Play Music. The desktop will not be using the system resources to play music, as Google Play Music Desktop Player runs on Google Play Music within its independent, lightweight, and standalone framework.

Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player

Voice control and desktop notifications are available in addition to media keys and features. Google Play Music Desktop Player now lets you stream music even if your desktop hadn’t installed Adobe Flash Player. It is because of the HTML5 support available in the GPMDP. Adds a level of customization with Google Play Music Desktop Player that isn’t there in other web players and not even with Google Play Music. Change your theme, send your play history straight to, customize the colours.

The desktop player has a built-in equalizer, and it can perform advanced audio controls to song change notifications in a go. You can quickly take advantage of the taskbar media controls while on the play, pausing, stopping, and skipping tunes. You can assign hotkeys for up to nine individual actions.

Features of Google Play Music Desktop Player

1. Media Keys Support: Google Play Music Desktop Player has Media Keys support such as Play, Pause, Stop, Previous, and Next.

2. Desktop Notifications & Customizable Theme Support: Get Desktop notifications whenever the track changes. Get customizable dark theme support.

3. New Features: The newly introduced features like Last.FM Scrobbling and Now Playing has made the player unique.

4. Mini Player Option: There is a simple mini-player available in Google Play Music Desktop Player. Get hands-free Voice Controls.

5. Taskbar Media Controls Support: Windows desktop users are provided with Taskbar media controls support. The media controls are embedded into the taskbar.

6. HTML5  Support: No more Adobe Flash Player support requires as Google Play Music Desktop Player has HTML5 audio support.

7. Built-In Equaliser: Make the player sound how you like with the built-in audio equalizer.

8. Background Play: Avail the background music playing option and minimize tracks to the taskbar.

9. Customizable Hotkeys Support: Need not worry if you don’t have media keys support rather choose your shortcuts as Google Play Music Desktop Player has Customizable hotkeys.

10. Select Audio Output Device: Google Play Music Desktop Player lets you choose your audio output device from within the player itself.

11. Interface Support: Get interface support for external applications such as Rainmete.

12. Remote Control: Google Play Music Desktop Player has also created a remote-control app for Android and is yet to be available for an iOS version. So use the volume keys of your phone to control music’s volume. Also, the mobile app lets you create playlists, search your library, queue songs, and perform basic functions like pause and skip tracks.

How To Set Up Google Play Music Desktop Player

Downloaded and install the Google Play Music Desktop Player app. Once you open, fill in your Google credentials. Google will recognize your desktop as a new device for the first time you load the app. So all you should do is to verify yourself as Google will send you a notification to your phone. Tap on the Yes button on your phone to load the Google Play Music Desktop Player. The Player looks exactly like the Google Play Music Web Player as it is the base of the Desktop Player. Find artists, albums, playlists, radio stations, and everything else specifically where you’d expect it. You will discover more on its features when you start using the Google Play Music Desktop Player.

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Google Play Music Desktop Player – Screenshots

Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player
Google Play Music Desktop Player

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