Google Play Store for Windows Phone Free Download: Every smartphone is not the same as it differs with the platform support. Windows Phone is not an exception. Unlike the Android platform, Windows OS doesn’t come with many applications developed. Although Microsoft Store has plenty of apps available in it, there are plenty of apps that are unsupported on the Windows platform. To get the support of the Google Play Store, an Android app store, one could Download Google Play Store for Windows Phone.

Now the Windows phone users need not get neglected with several unavailabilities of applications, rather get those from Google Play. As the apps in the Android store is designed with the easy user interface, it can be downloaded quickly. The article deals with Google Play Store Download for Windows Phone along with its features. Know more in detail and the methods used to download and install android on Windows Phone for Windows Platform.

Google Play Store Download for Windows Phone

Google Play Store Download for Windows Phone

For the user’s of Microsoft smartphone, there is a way to get the Android apps on your phone.

  • First, you need to have a computer with Windows version 8, 8.1, or 10, as it provides the best support for the Windows phone.
  • On your Windows phone, go to Setting, choose Update and Security and then choose For developer. Now turn on Find the device and choose Pair. There will be a 6-digit number you need to input to connect to your computer.
  • Search and download the APKDeployment.rar file on your PC and extract it to the APKDeployment folder. In this folder, you should run the IpOverUsbInstaller.msi, vcredist_x86.exe, and also APKDeployment.exe files. Insert the 6-digit number and choose Pair, and wait for a moment to connect.
  • Select the apk file of the Android app downloaded on your computer, drag and drop it on the APKDeployment window, and choose to Deploy for the individual app or Deploy all for the multiple apps. Wait until the apps transfer to your devices.
Google Play Store Download for Windows Phone
Google Play Store Download for Windows Phone

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Sideload Android Apps on Windows Phone 10

Run the Android apps on the Windows Phone 10 by sideloading the Android apps.

  • Download the wconnect and the Android SDK’s ADB tool.
  • Unzip both the files in a separate folder.
  • Open the wconnect folder, and then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe files.
  • On your Windows Phone 10, Open Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and tap on the Developer’s Mode and Device Discovery option.
  • Go to the wconnect folder, and open an Administrator command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here).
  • Connect your Windows phone to your PC via a micro USB cable.
  • Now type in the command on command prompt wconnect.exe USB and Press Enter.
  • PC will ask you for a pairing code which will be shown on the Windows display. Enter the code on your PC and press Enter.
  • On the command prompt, you need to type ‘adb devices‘ and look at the list of devices connected to your computer.
  • Copy the APK file to the ADB folder and then type ‘adb install APKNAME.apk‘ (you have to replace APKNAME with the apk file name. For, e.g., whatsapp-1.0.1).
  • Wait for the app to get installed on your Windows 10 phone.

Google Play Store is available for

Screenshots of Google Play Store for Windows Phone

Google Play Store for Windows Phone
Google Play Store for Windows Phone

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