Google Play Store not Downloading Apps: At the time when using Google Play Store, we may face some issues. Mostly, the error will happen at the time when we download the app on our device such as not downloading or crashes, and it won’t open. Often we may face these issues on our devices to solve all these hassles we have given the solution below. In the Play Store, you will face some issues like you cannot be able to download or install the app, music, TV Shows, Games, and more from the app, and the Google Play Store not working, crasher once you open the app or problem in loading.

Play Store not Downloading apps

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Here we are saying that what are all the issues that you will face during the time of downloading the apps from the Google Play Store with the solution.

Issue 1: Internet or WiFi Connection may be low.

Solution: First, check whether your Internet or WiFi connection is strong, here instead of using the internet use WiFi to get a better download speed.

Issue 2: Memory Space on Your device is not sufficient.

Solution: To solve this issue just remove or clear all the unwanted files, space-occupying apps, documents, and more to free up your device.

Issue 3: Device not support for App

Solution: In this case, if your device was not supporting the app version just update the latest version OS on your device.

Issue 4: Play Store may get crashed due to the virus on your device.

Solution: First clear your device with Antivirus and update the latest version of the Google Play Store to avoid crashes.

If your Play Store is not working properly, then you will face the problem that the Play Store is not downloading apps.

Play Store Stuck on Downloading

In the Google Play Store app, it is one of the important issues of the application where you may face the issues in download or update the app because it gets stuck and it does not finish the download or update. It is one of the most problematic issues when this problem occurs the loading bar will just run on the screen, but it won’t get started to download. Then in the middle of downloading or Updating the app will get stuck may occur due to the Internet connection.

To solve the Play Store Stuck on Downloading issue: First, move to the Menu icon and make a tap on Setting, that tap the Application and go to Manage Application, and select All. Here you can able to see the list of applications on the screen that select Google Play Store and make a tap on the Force Close option it will close the app if run in the background. Then make a tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache as well, with that select the option Uninstall Updates to stop all the updates. Once if you complete all the procedures move to Google Play Store and download or update Play Store and experience the app on your device.