Fixes on Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped issue: The Google Play Store app is one of the excellent app downloading application for your devices. Where you can get all your favorite apps and games whenever you need. Nowadays people face these issues mostly on their devices that is unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped or Download Pending Play Store. It is one of the biggest issues that we are facing, but this issue may cause because of several reasons those reason and the solutions for these issues were given below. The app may get stopped when loading the apps, at the time of download the app may get stopped, and then if you open the app, it may be closed when you search for any this to solve all these issues we have a solution.

Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped
Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped

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Here we provide all the issues and solution for solving Google Play Store keeps Stopping, with that here you can follow the given guide to solve all your problem in your device.

Issue 1: Check the  Internet or WiFi connection

Solution: First you have to check whether your Internet or WiFi connection is strong if it is not enough you may face this issue. Better you always prefer WiFi for fast accessing without any hassle.

Issue 2: Google Services Framework cache may cause some issues.

Solution: To solve this issue you can open the Settings on your device and select the Apps option and scroll down to All Apps and move to Google Services Framework. Then make a tap on the option and select the Force Stop and tap the clear cache button to clear the  Google Services Framework cache.

Issue 3: Old version of Google Play Store may be an issue.

Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped
Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped

Solution: Here you have to solve the issues by just updating the latest version of the Google Play Store on your device. To get the latest version of the app on the top left corner, you can see a Menu option in that select the settings and select version and make a tap on it if there is an update you will get updated.

Issue 4: Google Play Store may get crashed

Solution: If the application may get crashed just Reset the Google Play Store. To Reset the app on your device first open the Settings, in that select the Apps and make a tap on All and then select the Google Play Store then make a tap on Menu in the page you can see several options in that first select the Force Stop -> Uninstall Update -> Clear Data -> Clear Cache to reset the app on your device as soon as possible.

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